The Spiritual Soul

A statue of Buddha sits beside a lit church candle. There is a second lit church candle in the background. Together, the candles provide a little light in an otherwise darkened room. There is an overall sense of sacredness.The transformation we make on the spiritual path is one of dying, rebirthing over and over again, in lots of little ways, and quite a few big ways. It’s the same for the creative process, too. And during these journeys, we go from a place of not knowing who we are and what we’re here for, to a place of knowing who we are and that we matter.

There’s no bypassing or shortcuts. Life is the path. And it’s made so much easier and richer by knowing we are each enough and we matter. And there’s always something better waiting for us, just around the corner.

The only thing is, we all tend to forget this. We get caught up in the 9-5 or 8-4, the groceries and the mortgage, the kids and the daily grind. We get caught up in believing that there’s nothing more to life than the same old work life/domestic routine, over and over and over again.

Doesn’t that sound exhausting?

Yes, we’re here to experience life in all its messy, challenging glory. The ups, the downs. The emotional highs and the dark nights of the soul. But we’re also here to experience something more — something deeper and more sacred. Something found in both silence and noise, stillness and rhythm, the wild and the city.

“This is what the silence says: I am this place.
I am a prayer of this place.”
~ Eva Saulitis

Imagine a space where you feel held, supported and fully heard. A space where there’s no judgements, where compassion and gentle kindness exist side by side. A space where you can pause, reflect, and consider your own pathway up to this point … and where it may lead you next.

Blending together my experience as a Spiritual Companion and Life Coach, I can support you as you navigate your own spiritual journey, as crazy and confusing as it can be. I offer compassionate, non-judgemental and neutral support for those who are in a state of spiritual emergence or spiritual emergency — or those who are spiritually curious. I hold the space and meet you where you are, providing a listening ear and, occasionally, appropriate questioning to help you unpack your spiritual journey.

The Spiritual Companions Trust defines a Spiritual Companion as a benevolent presence deeply connected to the wonder of life.

We work with the Spiritual Companions Guidelines to bring it all back to you — your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states. In a gentle, supportive and confidential atmosphere we find that still point and connection that is inherent within you, and work from there. We’ll explore your path so far, how you’re feeling right now, and see which path appears through the trees.

A path winds its way through a sunlit autumn woodland. The trees are blazing with autumn colours and there are red, yellow, and brown leaves on the ground.


Sounds Good!

Great! Let’s begin by having a free 30-minute taster session.

Then, if you’d like to work with me, you can choose from:

  • Spiritual Connection
    3 months together, reflecting on your spiritual journey so far and working towards your next steps.
    6 x 1-hour sessions of 1:1 Spiritual Companionship and coaching.
    Email support between sessions.
  • Spiritual Depths
    6 months together, exploring your spiritual path, past and present, and looking towards the future
    12 x 1-hour sessions of 1:1 Spiritual Companionship and coaching.
    Email support between sessions.
  • Spiritual Companionship
    One session devoted to unpacking where you are right now.
    2 hours of 1:1 Spiritual Companionship coaching.

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