The Empathic Soul

A set of Bach Flower Remedies made by Healing Herbs.

Life can be sweet. Life can be sour. It can bring us to our highest joy and our deepest sorrow. Sometimes these even happen at the same time. And sometimes we can cope. Other times, we often need a helping hand to bring us gently back to a calm centre.

We all know these times, large and small: I’m pregnant. My employer is laying me off. I’m scared about my next exam. My mother just died. I have a diagnosis. My son can’t sleep. I just need a break. My cat got hit by a car…

I understand. I’ve been many of these places, and I’ve been supporting people as they go through them, too. As living beings, we all experience a whole gamut of emotions, many of which we don’t really know how to hold. I’ve been there.

Finding and maintaining emotional balance takes work — but it doesn’t have to be hard.

“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook,
peace of mind, and inner happiness.”

~ Dr Edward Bach

In the 1920s-1930s, London doctor Edward Bach discovered that specific plants carried the energetic blueprint of a perfectly balanced emotional state. By capturing this blueprint in water — creating a remedy from it — and then taking this remedy, there is an opportunity for this re-balancing to occur within ourselves. Through his work, Dr Bach co-created 38 remedies with Nature as a complete system of emotional healing: The Bach Flower Remedies.

I use flower remedies constantly. I also know I’m a better person since discovering them some fifteen-plus years ago. They have helped me through bereavements, house moves, my wedding (excited nerves!), numerous creative projects, website creation, health challenges… You name it.

Flower remedies (also called essences) are deceptively simple to use. Each remedy is associated with an emotional state. For instance, someone who is scared of dogs may take Mimulus, which is the remedy for a specific fear; in turn, Mimulus helps us find to courage within to face said fear. Those who experience self-doubt may select Cerato, which encourages us in believing in ourselves and our decisions. The most famous of the Bach Flower Remedies is Rescue Remedy, which is often used for exam stress.

Since Dr Bach’s time, many people have found reassurance and stability through the use of flower remedies. Others have created similar systems based on Dr Bach’s work, co-creating flower and other vibrational remedies and essences with Nature. Some examples are the Alaskan Essences, which are a family of flower, gem, and environmental essences, and Wild Earth Animal Essences, which are birthed in a shamanic ceremony.

Autumnal beech leaves, turning from green to gold.

As a Life Coach and Flower Essence Therapist, I help people to find and maintain their emotional balance through a blend of essence therapy and coaching. Some choose to get curious by exploring and developing their emotional intelligence through the use of essences. Others may take essences to help them through creative blocks or frustrations. And still more may choose to include essences as part of their spiritual journey, to facilitate a deeper understanding of their purpose and path. Empaths and highly sensitive people find essences particularly helpful, as they are so gentle yet powerful.

Essences usually look like little bottles of clear liquid. They contain water, the vibrational imprint of the flower, and a little brandy (or vegetable glycerin) as a preservative. When taken orally or used topically on the skin, essences gently nudge us back into a more balanced way of being. Anyone can use essences — they are safe for children, the elderly, animals, plants — and they do not interact with any orthodox medicines or procedures. What’s more, any healing we do on an emotional level filters through our whole being: modern medical science now accepts that healthy emotions = healthier person, both physically and mentally.

Do you have more questions about essences? Check out my Guide to Flower Essences.

I now use essences and coaching together, to help us go deeper with the work we do together, and to support you as you go deep to excavate and dissolve what’s holding you back. They can be used alongside any of the coaching packages I offer or we can work with them exclusively on an emotional issue.


Yes! Let’s explore!

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Then, if you’d like to work with me, you can choose from:

  • Essentially You
    3 months together, working on unpacking your emotions.
    6 x 1-hour sessions of 1:1 coaching.
    3 x bottles of unique-to-you essence blends (1 per month), mailed direct to you.
    Email support between sessions.
  • Deeply Essential
    6 months together, going deep with your emotions.
    12 x 1-hour sessions of 1:1 coaching.
    6 x bottles of unique-to-you essence blends (1 per month), mailed direct to you.
    Email support between sessions.
  • In Essence
    One session devoted to you, where you’re at, right now.
    2 hours of 1:1 coaching.
    1 x bottle of a unique-to-you essence blend, mailed direct to you.

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