About Your Session

When we start working together, I’ll send you a pre-session discovery questionnaire, which will encourage you to think deeply about what you would like to get from our sessions. This also gives me a better idea of what your dreams are, and what could be holding you back.

We’ll then meet for our first session together, via Zoom audio — quick, easy, and accessible from anywhere where there is an Internet connection. Everything we talk about is private and confidential, and held in compassionate and safe space. I record all our sessions and will make the recordings available to you afterwards, for your further reflection. I will only share the session recordings with you, to maintain confidentiality.

Two women are sitting together, talking and drinking tea. One is wearing a white tee shirt and jeans, and the other is wearing a brown jacket, blue tee and jeans. The tea is in clear glass mugs with the teabags still inside; one tea is orange and the other is pale green.

During our sessions, we’ll work to identify what is blocking you on creative, spiritual, and/or emotional levels, and then dive into my toolbox for some fun yet powerful tools to help shift those blocks out of your way. We’ll also create some meaningful steps for you to take, so that you can continue our work together between sessions.

This is deep work and, as well as exploring your goals and taking steps to reach them, we’ll also be unpacking any beliefs that no longer serve you, and bolstering any which do.

I recommend a maximum of two weeks between sessions, to keep the momentum and focus on your creative development. You are, of course, welcome to email me between sessions, should you need, and I will reply during my weekly office hours.


Make a Wish

At a balcony railing, a hand holds up three autumn leaves coloured green, yellow, and red. There is a cup of tea on the wooden surface of the railing. The balcony looks out over autumnal trees.You will get the most out of your coaching if you show up with a brave and open heart, take responsibility for your creative, spiritual, and personal development, dive deep into the conversations we have, and work hard on the materials and steps we identify.

I will be alongside you, cheering you on, holding you accountable, keeping you on track, and offering motivation and inspiration the whole time we work together.

The coaching package you choose will inform the number of times we meet, and I will confirm the link to Zoom in advance of our sessions. For all coaching packages, sessions are scheduled in advance on a mutually convenient timescale. That said, if notified more than 48 hours in advance, I am happy to reschedule sessions within the same week if there is space available.

If, for any reason, I need to cancel a session, I will be in touch as soon as possible to re-schedule the session at no additional cost to yourself.

All coaching packages and sessions are paid in advance, in line with my Refunds Policy.

Coaching is not counselling, nor is it any kind of talk therapy such as psychotherapy; rather it is personal and professional development with an aim to achieve specific and identified goals. If it is clear that a talk therapy would be advisable to you, either alongside or instead of coaching, then I will signpost you to the relevant organisations.

Finally, please be aware that although our sessions are completely confidential, if I believe you or another to be at risk of harm, I will break confidentiality and inform the appropriate organisations. I will also break confidentiality if you tell me that you have previously physically or sexually abused someone else, or if I am required by law to share the content of our sessions.

I look forward to working with you! If you like, you can book your free 30-minute taster session now.

If you’ve still got questions, then please get in touch.