Work with Me

A close-up of an autumnal-coloured hat that is currently being knit. There are two balls of the autumnal yarn in the background.As a writer and Life Coach, I work with creatives, spiritual seekers, and people wanting to explore their emotions and intuition. This work may involve just coaching, or a blend or coaching and holistic services, or a blend of coaching and tarot.

“The way to find your thread again
is to be still and remember who you are,
to listen to your heart, your inner wisdom,
as deeply as you can and then
give yourself permission to follow it.
If you can’t give yourself this permission,
then find someone who can.
Everybody should have at least one permission giver in life.”
~ Sue Monk Kidd

You can choose from my different offerings according to what fits you best right now. I write about each of my services in depth on their respective pages, but here is a short summary of each:

The Creative Soul
I work with writers and other creatives who are experiencing blocks around their own creative processes, or can’t see the wood for the trees with their current work-in-progress. Or maybe you’ve written yourself into a tight corner with your story, and need a new pair of eyes and a fresh perspective. Maybe you’ve always had a creative dream that you’ve been too fearful to follow.

The Spiritual Soul
I offer compassionate, non-judgemental and neutral support for those who are in a state of spiritual emergence or spiritual emergency — or those who are spiritually curious. I hold the space and meet you where you are, providing a listening ear and, occasionally, appropriate questioning to help you unpack your spiritual journey.

The Empathic Soul
I use a blend of flower essences and coaching to help us go deeper with the work we do together, and to support you as you go deep to excavate and dissolve what’s holding you back. They can be used alongside any of the coaching packages I offer or we can work with them exclusively on an emotional issue.

The Intuitive Soul
I blend together coaching and tarot to help you become more aware of your feelings and motivations as you navigate your life’s path, undergo transformations, and transition from one moment to the next. We can identify the energies around a situation, gain a bigger perspective, and look for caution or encouragement in equal measure. We can help you discover your dreams, your strengths and weaknesses, and your next steps.

Should you have any queries about my services, please do not hesitate to contact me.