Refunds Policy

A hand holds up an index card upon which reads “Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never leave or lose. To the question of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only solution. Jo Coudert”. Plants are out of focus in the background.Working to improve yourself and your creativity is an investment in time, energy, money, and commitment. It also requires a huge amount of trust in, and respect for, both yourself and your coach.

Coaching is not counselling, nor is it any kind of talk therapy such as psychotherapy; rather it is personal and professional development with an aim to achieve specific and identified goals. Our coaching sessions will involve deep thinking, feeling, and inner work, and outside of these sessions there will be opportunities for you to further this work. As with all things, you get out of coaching what you put into it. With this in mind, please be aware that there are no refunds on any payments made for coaching or tarot services.

Please be mindful about your purchase. If in doubt, please book a free 30-minute taster session to see if we’re a good fit. I look forward to working with you!

For full terms and conditions, please see below.


Terms and Conditions

What products and services do you provide?
I offer one-on-one online coaching and mentoring. I also offer bespoke tarot readings (for which there is a separate legal disclaimer).

What are the terms of payment?
Payment is always due before the commencement of any service or digital delivery. You have 14 days from entering into the agreement in which you can cancel it (see below for specifics)

One-on-one coaching and mentoring
I will email you an invoice once we set up an appointment. Any scheduled coaching or mentoring sessions will be cancelled if they are not paid for 48 hours in advance of when they have been scheduled.

Bespoke tarot readings
Payment must be made when requesting this service, so that a digital PDF download can be made available to you with your bespoke reading.

What are the timelines for delivery and any queries?
In general, if you have any queries about any service I offer, please contact me to discuss before making any payment.

One-on-one coaching and mentoring
Sessions are scheduled in advance via email, or at the end of a previous session, on a mutually convenient timescale. You can also use my online scheduling tool to arrange a session.

Bespoke tarot readings
When you purchase a bespoke tarot reading, this will be sent to you via email within 7 working days of receiving your question and your cleared payment, subject to your acknowledgement of the impact on your cancellation rights (see below). You will be provided with a custom link from which you can view and download your PDF. Once the download of the PDF has been initiated, your right to cancel this service is forfeit.

What happens if either party needs to reschedule?
I would ask that you give me at least 48 hours notice if you cannot attend a session. If there is space available, I am happy to reschedule sessions within the same week. If you do not provide 48 hours notice or it is not possible to reschedule, then the session will be charged as if you had attended.

If I am unable to make a session I will endeavour to give you the same courtesy. In cases where a client repeatedly fails to attend or gives insufficient notice, I reserve the right to terminate the coaching/mentoring agreement.

What is the term of the agreement and what notice is required to cancel?

One-on-one coaching and mentoring
You can purchase coaching/mentoring sessions individually or as a block. You are entitled to a full refund on any unused sessions for up to 14 days after purchase. If you have used some or all of your sessions within this initial 14 day period, then you will only be entitled to a proportional refund based on the value of the sessions that have not taken place. You can alternatively choose to transfer the proportional balance to another service.

I may be forced to terminate our agreement if you fail to return any pre-work or attend your first session within four (4) weeks of purchase, if you repeatedly fail to notify me if you need to reschedule, if you repeatedly fail to attend your arranged sessions, or if you fail to keep in regular contact with me over the duration of our agreement.

Bespoke tarot readings
This is a bespoke service that results in a digital PDF download. You acknowledge that, once work on your bespoke reading has started, your right to cancel is forfeit. If you do not acknowledge this, please contact me prior to ordering, so that I can delay starting work on your bespoke reading until after the 14 day cancellation period has passed. The delivery timeline will be increased as a result.

Any questions? Contact me.