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  • Title Card - Ninth House

    [Review] Ninth House

    TW: Violence, murder, death, drug abuse, human experimentation and mutilation, attempted rape, sexual abuse, emotional manipulation, ghosts, dark magic. Holy ****. Leigh Bardugo’s debut adult novel, Ninth House, is beyond anything I expected. It’s a magical and intellectual tour de force; a powerhouse of plot and prose, suspense and suspicion, murder, magic, and madness. I came to it thinking it was a standalone, but it’s actually the first in a series, and I’m so relieved at that because I am hungry for more. I believe the sequel is slated for 2021, and honestly that can’t get here soon enough. 2019…

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  • Title Card - Sorcery of Thorns

    [Review] Sorcery of Thorns

    First off, I want this to be known: This book broke me. It broke me in lots of wonderful, poignant, emotional, gut-wrenching, shattering ways. After the very last line, I was consumed by All. The. Feels. It was that good. Sorcery of Thorns is a fast, magical read which keeps the action moving throughout. Rogerson has a beautiful writing style, lyrical and flowing, and the world of Austermeer is well constructed and beautifully presented. I loved the idea of the Great Libraries scattered throughout the kingdom. Great Libraries, designed to hold books who have thoughts, feelings, and personalities of their…

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