You Matter.

Your creative dreams, your spiritual experiences, your emotional wisdom. It all matters. And it all makes you who you are.

All the answers are inside of you, if you believe in yourself.

At heart, you’re a creative soul, a spiritual soul, an empathic soul, an intuitive soul. A seeker. You spend your days listening to others, supporting them, helping them. In what little spare time you have, you ache to create something or explore something, different and new and wholly yours.

You want to listen to that still, quiet voice within that whispers beneath the inner critic, behind the logistics of day to day living. You want to listen to that voice and bring it forth, creatively, expressively.

The voice that says, You can be a writer, a painter, a yoga teacher.

The voice that says, Your experience matters.

The voice that says, Your wisdom matters.

The voice that says, Your all-too-feeling heart matters.

The voice inside that is an echo of the Divine Voice of the Universe, who says, My Child, you matter.

Deep inside, you know you’re meant to do something more. Be something more.


Hello there!

I’m Heather — a writer, seeker, listener, and Coach to others on a creative, spiritual, emotional, intuitive path through life.

You know you have a story to tell, probably more than one. And you want to tell it as a novel. Or in poetry, song lyrics, a script, a short story, a non-fiction book. Maybe you’re aching to explore a new spiritual pathway, or deepen your experience of your existing path. Or perhaps you’re searching for a way to develop your understanding and experience of your emotions and intuition.

When you’re a creative who isn’t creating, it hurts. When you’re a spiritual seeker trying to find the path, everything can seem overwhelming and complicated. When you’re highly sensitive, or an empath, trying to juggle your own feelings can be a challenge, let alone everyone else’s. When you’re wanting to listen to and trust your intuition, everything can feel topsy-turvy. And when you’re not living true to your inner desires, life feels dull, listless, and lacklustre. It lacks colour.

As a Life Coach, creative, and seeker like you, I know this place, too. I’ve been through it, from the emotional struggles to the writer’s block to the shaky steps on the spiritual path, I know these places and I know navigating them can be lonely and scary. The good news is that I offer a blend of coaching and holistic services to help creatives get unstuck; to help people exploring their spirituality navigate their unique spiritual path; to help empaths, highly sensitive people, and others find and maintain emotional balance and curiosity; and to help anyone wanting to work with and be guided by their intuition.